How to Sell your Peterborough Home Quickly


Are you looking to sell your home in Peterborough quickly? Then we are here to help. With many years of experience as trusted estate agents in the local areas, we have the skills and knowledge to sell your home quickly, and for the best price.


Below we have put together some of our top tips to help you sell your Peterborough home quickly. Remember, if you need expert advice to sell your home, speak to our helpful estate agents.


First Impressions

As with everything in life, first impressions count. At the point of walking through the front door the potential buyer could have already made up their mind. When your home is being viewed, the outside of your home is being viewed too. Make sure your driveway is clean and clear and any garden is well maintained. Ensure the front door opens with ease and doesn’t catch or need a shove in just the right place. The entrance hall or space the door opens into needs to make the right first impression too. Don’t have shoes laying around or coats piled up. Leave it clean and clear so it looks spacious and welcoming.


Warm Welcome

Just because you might not be there when the viewers visit, doesn’t mean you can’t create a warm welcome. If it’s a colder time of the year, pop the central heating on. In warmer months, open windows so there is a light breeze, and the home doesn’t feel stuffy. Lights will help ‘warm’ the atmosphere of the home too, creating a more homely feel to the rooms. Candles or a lit fireplace look great in the autumn and winter months too.


Show your Home

Show the rooms in your home as the buyer would want to use them. For example, lay the dining table with plates, mats and cutlery. Put a cot in the nursery or make up the bed in the spare room. If you have a home office, then make it look like a clear and organised space in the home. All of these little touches will help the potential buyers picture themselves living in your home. This is what can make them fall in love with your home, and quickly.


Quick Fixes

We have already spoken about the front door that needs pushing at the right point already, but why not get it fixed? All those little fixes around your home can be repaired. This will help the viewers of your home see your home in the best possible light. They won’t see the stiff front door, the wobbly handle on a kitchen cupboard or the damaged paintwork on the banister. That’s because you’ve completed these 10-minute jobs to make the home look it’s best.


Looking to sell your home in Peterborough quickly? Call our team now and wee how we can help you not only sell your home quickly, but also sell it for the right price.


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